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Vending with a few bright ideas.

24x7 food vending for schools and colleges using student accounts.

Every school wants to serve students better, while stretching budgets further. Our system does both by vending snacks and meals to students at any time. Students can eat full meals when the cafeteria is closed, and schools realize more vending revenue as a result. Machines placed at locations around a campus also create more opportunities for convenience sales.


But any vending machine can do all this. What sets us apart is that machines using our technology are connected to VN Cloud, which supports account-based purchases. Not only are cash and cards accepted, but students can also purchase items using their student ID or account. This is done by swiping or scanning a student ID, or by simply keying in a student ID and PIN. There’s even an external web portal for parents to add funds to a student’s account.


Plus, VN Cloud integrates with Blackboard, cbord and Skyward, so items are seamlessly charged to student accounts at schools using these systems.



Pasco County School District

Get all the details on how one school district in Florida is operating nearly 300 vending machines using VendNovation technologies.

Bill Acceptor


Bill Acceptor


Since students can purchase items on account without the need for cash or a card, schools realize more revenue and parents are afforded better spending control.


Students can purchase food items 24x7, effectively extending cafeteria hours without adding staff.


Students can self-serve meals at lunchtime, which means more students get through cafeterias quicker.

A suite of profit-enhancing technologies for snack and beverage operators.

Attractive, powerful machines for premium products and locations.

24x7 sale of healthy food and drinks, supplements, and workout gear, with cashless billing to member accounts.

Self-serve patient access to cigarettes, calling cards, snacks and sundries with consumption limits and reporting.


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