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Industry Solutions

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VendNovation’s pioneering vending machine controller software and equipment have been deployed by clients in many business sectors all over the world. Our 20 years of experience puts us in a unique position to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to suit various purposes. VendNovation’s customizable solutions include traditional coil vending machines, various locker configurations, and more. Holding all of these options together is our VN Cloud vending management system, which can be scaled to manage any vending or automated dispensing solution no matter how large.


These solutions enable our customers to:

  • Configure dispensing for items of multiple sizes, shapes and purposes, including personal protection equipment, parts and tools, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, retail goods and more.

  • Control and monitor employee access to supplies.

  • Monitor inventory levels with on-demand reporting

  • Engage consumers with a selection of payment options and intelligent, touch-screen interfaces showcasing food, toys, beauty products and more.


Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are always available to help with custom solutions, on-site training, and unlimited technical support.

Access Control
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VendNovation’s Industry Solutions

VendNovation can supply custom vending solutions for almost any purpose and industry. We divide our solutions into the following four industry categories:







In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, our vending machines enable streamlined delivery of maintenance, repair, operations (MRO) items and personal protection equipment (PPE). The key to the success of our industrial vending equipment is employee accountability with consumption limits that can be tightly controlled and monitored. These features enable our clients to cut supply spending  by 25 to 40%. Industrial suppliers are able to gain new business and enlarge their footprint by dispensing their products through our machines.


Emergency medical service providers use our technology to dispense essential supplies in healthcare facilities of all sizes. Our clients in this sector have reported cost savings exceeding 40%. The access control and chain-of-custody features on our machines and cloud-based management system make each staff member accountable for items they use. They also reduce waste significantly. The system gives users control over the supplies placed in vending machines and lockers at forward locations, but also enables full inventory management on the backend, including those  items held in central warehouses or supply rooms not in the machines.

Vendnovation IQ640 with product front (1).png


At tech-related enterprises, vending systems have provided an innovative solution for the provision of IT-related equipment such as chargers, headsets and even laptops. Controlling the consumption of these items has conventionally required keeping inventory under lock and key and employing staff to manage and issue them. Our cloud-based vending machines, with their powerful access control and inventory management capabilities, make it possible to dispense these products securely and quickly and with minimal interruptions to productivity.



Our retail vending solutions enable clients to sell their goods across multiple locations. Our systems include:


  • Traditional vending: Cost-saving, profit-enhancing technologies for snack and beverage operators.

  • Touch screen vending: Smart vending solutions to dispense high-end products in premium locations. They also enable ad-based revenue streams with support for content-managed digital advertising.

  • Education: Meal, snack and beverage vendors that can either work with cash, card, or by charging sales to student accounts.

  • Fitness centers: Sale of healthy foods, drinks, supplements, and workout gear. Sales can be charged to members' accounts.

  • Rehab centers: Self-serve patient access to cigarettes, snacks, beverages, and sundries with consumption limits and reporting.


VendNovation can supply or create customized industry solutions for almost any vending requirements. Contact us and tell us what you need from your vending solution.





Employees swipe a badge to access MRO and PPE items, so consumption is tracked.  This leads to 20-30% reduction in overall consumption through reduced shrinkage.



Items in vending machines are placed in industrial environments on a consignment basis, so the end consumer doesn’t carry the inventory cost of unused items.


Companies have access to detailed transaction reporting, which allows consumption to be assigned to specific cost centers and/or projects.





Deploying VendNovation technology reduces the risk that existing accounts will be lost to competitors offering similar solutions.


By offering new prospects proven cost savings and elimination of certain inventory costs, new accounts can be won.



In exchange for deploying this technology to enable cost savings on certain items, accounts can be asked to purchase a wider array of products, expanding a supplier’s footprint within existing accounts.

Some of our many happy customers!
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