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Dispense IT supplies with a vending machine to reduce costs and improve efficiency

Businesses that employ IT workers need to keep them supplied with a variety of tech items so that they can carry out their tasks effectively and without interruption. Old systems of equipment distribution are slow and inefficient, with workers having to requisition items and perhaps report directly to designated keyholders, who then distribute equipment accordingly - having to interrupt their own core functions to do so. Aside from being inefficient, this method is also not effective at preventing waste and shrinkage and is susceptible to abuse and overuse by staff members. VendNovation’s tech vending machines provide an easier, more efficient, and more secure method of keeping staff supplied with laptops, headphones, chargers, and other IT necessities.

The new way to make sure knowledge workers have the tools they need

VendNovation’s cloud-based solution is built on its ability to provide strict control over access and inventory. With these powerful abilities enabled, businesses can place secure dispensing systems near their workers, giving them instant, but controlled and authorized access to the items they need. Since each transaction is recorded in real time, managers can keep track of what items employees take and enforce individual limits. Employees need to swipe their staff cards to gain access. This enables accurate reporting on each staff member’s usage, and also allows management to track usage and inventory.

Streamline the process of getting everything from USB sticks to laptops

VendNovation’s cloud-based vending solutions make it easier than ever to distribute IT equipment to employees. There is no more need for staff to visit the IT department and fill in requisition forms. Employees can simply get up from their desks and go to the vending machine in their immediate vicinity. Assuming they have the necessary access and are within their limits, they can get whatever IT supplies they need within minutes. No traditional method can provide the access control, security and detailed reporting that our systems can offer. Companies will have tight control over inventory and access, meaning they can reduce their spending on IT equipment and consumables, and eliminate waste and abuse.

Access control and detailed reports

Access control and detailed reports

Our vending systems enable managers to maintain strict control over access and security. Each employee needs to swipe their card to use one of the machines, and each transaction is recorded in real-time. You then have the ability to generate detailed reports at any time, providing thorough insights into the movements of inventory levels, and your staff’s usage habits. You can use these reports to maintain control over your inventory, replenish stock in a timely manner, and manage your costs.

Why our client list includes many Fortune 500 companies

VendNovation supply dispensing systems are used by some of the world’s leading tech companies. Leaders in retail, social media, digital media, and finance sectors (to name a few) are making use of this technology specifically because of the value they recognize by implementing the system. These include:

- Time savings: vending machines can be stocked at fixed intervals, eliminating daily interruptions and allowing IT staff to focus on their core duties.

- Cost savings: consumption is carefully tracked, leading to a reduction in overall usage and shrinkage.

- Usage limits: managers can set limits for employees on their acquisition and usage of particular items. There’s even an option to purchase items through payroll deduction if an employee exceeds their limit.

- Cost accounting: Enterprises have access to detailed transaction reporting, which allows consumption to be assigned to specific cost centers and/or projects.

To find out more about VendNovation’s tech vending machines and cloud-based vending management solutions, contact us today.

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