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How We Help EMS Service Providers Save Money, Time, and Lives

How we help EMS service providers save money, time, and lives

Cefully managed, cloud-based vending solutions have proven to be massive cost-savers for emergency medical service providers. Those using our technology have reported savings exceeding 40%. However, the benefits of our vending solutions extend beyond monetary savings. Our EMS vending machines also save time so that EMS personnel can focus on saving lives.

We help emergency services, fire departments, and hospitals

Our EMS vending systems have been deployed in a wide variety of emergency service facilities, from hospitals to fire departments, where they are used to store and dispense everything from personal protection equipment to narcotics. The system works by providing easy access to necessary supplies for staff, and the public - as the situation demands - while still ensuring security, the protection of inventory, and the prevention of overuse by any individuals. The machines are locked and tamper-resistant, requiring authorization for access, usually in the form of an access code, employee badge, or biometrics.

Our access control systems offer complete accountability and transparency

The key to the success of our vending solutions is their sophisticated access-control systems. They are designed for complete accountability, security, and transparency, while still ensuring that equipment and medications can be accessed quickly in an emergency. Access control is easily configurable on the back end, allowing managers to set and adjust access protocols and change authorization status at their discretion. Only approved personnel can ever obtain supplies - and only in approved quantities. Real-time inventory tracking keeps a record of each staff member’s usage. You will always be able to track exactly who has taken what supplies and in what quantities.

Chain of custody and lot number tracking

The cloud-based inventory management system provides accurate, detailed chain-of-custody product tracking. From the moment a shipment of new products arrives in the supply room to the time it is dispensed to an end-user, each unit can be tracked by its specific lot number and expiration date. This digital tracking system makes it extremely easy to manage recalls and other issues, as stock items can quickly be located and reported upon.

Our chain of custody management solution also allows efficient handling of stock with automatic alerts letting you know when stock is about to expire. These alerts come with enough time to spare to ensure that you use soon-to-expire items while they are still viable. Our solution also allows the agency to tie usage to a specific unit number, incident number or EPCR number for example.

By doing so the system provides accurate reporting that meets federal, state, and local requirements for drug handling.

Manage inventory with real-time transaction records

Real-time transaction records don’t only mean that you can track your staff’s stock usage. They also enable you to manage your inventory and ensure that you are always stocked up to the desired levels. You can check inventory levels whenever necessary and arrange restocking visits in advance. With this constant, real-time inventory management, you need never run short of the supplies you need.

Improve security and reduce costs

Medical supplies, such as narcotics need to be kept under lock and key. The problem with doing so is that you have limited access, meaning that supplies are not always readily accessible when they are needed. With our vending systems, this is not a problem. You can have both accessibility and security. Valuable and sensitive medical supplies, such as narcotics, can be kept under lock and key, completely inaccessible except to those individuals who are authorized to access them at the appropriate times. Our Dual Validation feature means you also have a witness recorded for your narcotic transactions.

With only authorized staff accessing and using your supplies, you can cut down drastically on overuse and potential abuse. Inventory management allows you to ensure first-in-first-out distribution of perishable items so that nothing goes to waste.

For more information on EMS vending machines and cloud-based vending solutions that are perfect for your business, contact VendNovation today.

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