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Industrial vending machines dispense PPE and more

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

More and more businesses are using industrial vending machines to distribute maintenance, repair, and operations items (MRO) and personal protective equipment (PPE). Cloud-based vending solutions improve the efficiency of MRO and PPE items while saving money and time. Through our leading-edge vending systems, both end-users and suppliers of PPE, MRO, and other industrial supplies, can realize substantial cost savings, and far greater control over inventory and access. Suppliers will also have expanded potential to open new accounts and expand their footprint within existing ones.

Reduce spending by 20 - 30%

Deploying industrial vending machines can significantly reduce your business’s spending on PPE and MRO. The reason for this is the strict access control and real-time inventory tracking and transaction records. Employees swipe their badges to access items. Each time they do, the transaction is recorded. The system tracks the number of items each employee takes - and you can set limits for each individual. This can easily lead to a 20-30% decrease in overall consumption through reduced shrinkage.

In addition, you can save costs by reducing your inventory. Items are stocked in the machines on a consignment basis, meaning your business as the end consumer does not carry the cost of unused items.

Greater accountability for MRO and PPE items

Since employees need to swipe their badges to access MRO and PPE items, and each transaction is recorded in real-time, every employee can be held accountable for the items they take. This helps to reduce waste and encourages employees to use supplies with more care.

Detailed transaction reporting

At any time, you can pull reports from the system, telling you exactly which items are most in demand. These detailed reports can help you manage your inventory more effectively, hold your staff accountable, keep costs under control, and assign consumption to specific cost centers or projects.

Expand your footprint with existing accounts

With our cloud-based solution, you can deploy new vending machines in different locations, and run them all through a single account, accessed and managed via the same cloud portal. In this way, you can easily expand your footprint without increasing your administrative costs.

Our vending solutions benefit both end users and suppliers of industrial equipment. Since the technology enables significant cost savings on most items, accounts can purchase a wider array of products, expanding a supplier’s footprint within existing accounts. Suppliers of industrial goods will also have more potential to generate new accounts, as they are able to offer proven cost savings and eliminate certain inventory costs.

VendNovation’s vending solutions are ideal for the distribution of PPE, MRO, and other materials in industrial work environments. For more information on our products and how they can be deployed in your factory, warehouse, or shop floor, contact us today.

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