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Free patients. Control consumption.

Controlled, self-serve delivery of cigarettes and sundries to resident patients.


In-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics have a unique problem. They must often supply calling cards and snacks to their patients, while carefully monitoring and controlling how much of each a patient consumes. This need is heightened when it comes to cigarettes. With the latest studies showing rehab patients benefit more if they stop smoking while being treated, many clinics are searching for easier ways to control daily cigarette consumption.


VendNovation solves this problem with vending machines connected to VN Cloud. With a few clicks, weekly, daily, and even hourly consumption limits can be set for each patient. The patient accesses items in the machine by simply scanning or swiping a patient card given to them at check-in. And the limits are tracked in the cloud, which means patients can’t exceed their limit, even if they access multiple machines in the facility.


Clinic staff have access to cloud-based tools for managing each patient’s account balance, while controlling and monitoring their consumption. There’s even an external web portal for family and friends to add funds to a patient’s account using a credit/debit card.


Finally, the solution is not just great for patients. It’s easier for staff than manually managing inventory or driving patients to nearby stores, and it’s great for clinic profits since a captive audience will pay convenience pricing for items in a vending machine.


Bill Acceptor


Staff restock machines on a set schedule, rather than constantly delivering items to patients or leaving the facility to supervise visits to nearby stores.

Bill Acceptor


Cigarettes, calling cards and other sundries are locked inside secure vending machines.  Cloud-based tools allow consumption limits in a given time period to be set for each patient.  And by keeping keys to the machines in the machines, complete tracking of staff access is enabled, since staff must vend the key to gain access.


Instead of using staff time to obtain, track and deliver sundries to patients, often while making no profit on the items, clinics now receive markup on sundries and use far less staff time.

A suite of profit-enhancing technologies for snack and beverage operators.

Attractive, powerful machines for premium products and locations.

Meal, snack and beverage vending machines that can charge sales to student accounts.

24x7 sale of healthy food and drinks, supplements, and workout gear, with cashless billing to member accounts.


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