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Bring the wow.  Then be wowed by the profits.

Touch screen machines that open a whole new world of vending.

Attract unprecedented customer volumes. Conquer formerly unattainable locations.  Launch new and complex product categories.  Touch screens make it all possible.


VendNovation makes the software to power and manage attractive, interactive, touch screen machines.  These systems allow operators to sell

Products can be visualized on the touch screen in several ways, enabling much stronger sales experiences than traditional vending.  The system sells complex categories such as electronics or apparel out-of-the-box and can also be customized, enabling sophisticated sales experiences such as product configuration by the consumer.

premium products at high volumes, leading to per-machine sales revenue unheard of in traditional vending—in fact, thousands of dollars per month per machine.  Both entrepreneurs and established companies are finding successful new business models using this technology.





These visually attractive machines also open up new locations formerly off-limits.  For example, an IT access control machine might be placed in the middle of a high-end office environment, rather than being relegated to a supply room.


The VendNovation system also enables ad-based revenue streams with support for content-managed digital advertising and maximizes per-transaction revenue with upsell features.



Bill Acceptor

Bill Acceptor

Choose, Swipe, Vend.

Familiar, simple interfaces move users swiftly through transactions.

More than a screen.

The powerful VendNovation software for touch screens delivers flexible, content-managed user experiences controlled from VN Cloud. The software can sell almost anything, while supporting vending operations of one machine or one thousand.

Great software turns a touch screen vending machine into a complete solution.

Our touch screen designs pack a ton of features into straightforward user experiences. Yes, you can use a coupon. Or pay with your student ID. Or even ask for your burrito to be served cold because you're taking it home for later. But this feature richness doesn't stop you from simply tapping an item and swiping your card to complete a transaction. 

Always selling.

In vending, every penny of additional revenue counts. That's why our interfaces let you optionally sell bundles of items in one transaction, and even suggest add-ons such as desserts. All the while, the user has complete control to configure the items in their cart just the way they want.

Upsell features maximize revenue 24x7.

Attention shoppers!

Schedulable promotions make running sales a breeze.

Maybe mornings are typically slow. Or maybe there’s a holiday coming up. No matter what your reason for running a sale, our built-in promotions engine lets you configure sales in advance and have them automatically run when you want. Put one, several, or all products on sale, and even run overlapping sales on different items.

Pick a size that fits.

Screen sizes ranging from 10” to 55” work automatically.


Maybe you want a big, bold screen that covers the front of your machine and attracts from yards away.  Or maybe your products are beautiful, so you want a glass window with a small touch screen off to the side.  Or maybe you need something in between.  No matter what your screen size, our software automatically adjusts the experience to work well for your setup.


Hotbox Feeds U.S. Marines

See how Hotbox uses touch screen vending machines to deliver hot meals on U.S. military bases 24x7.




A suite of profit-enhancing technologies for snack and beverage operators.

Meal, snack and beverage vending machines that can charge sales to student accounts.

24x7 sale of healthy food and drinks, supplements, and workout gear, with cashless billing to member accounts.

Self-serve patient access to cigarettes, calling cards, snacks and sundries with consumption limits and reporting.

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