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In snack and beverage vending, every penny counts. That’s why VendNovation has created a set of technologies designed to enhance




operator profits. Operators who adopt these technologies can increase their sales by as much as 50%. Read on to learn how they can work for your business.

Bill Acceptor


Convenience for customers. Money in your pocket.

Profit-enhancing technologies for traditional snack and beverage operators.

Credit/Debit Cards

A major benefit of using our technology is the ability to accept most credit and debit cards. The number of payments made with debit cards grew 7.1% per year from 2012 to 2015 according to the 2016 Federal Reserve Payments Study, and millennials lead the way with 64% saying cards are their preferred payment method for $5 purchases, according to a recent survey.


Plus, with the latest version of our VN Controller or VN Connector, you’ll be compliant with the very latest payment standards for chip cards (known as EMV).

Pre-Picked Inventory

Our VN Cloud inventory tracking system saves money by allowing more machines to be serviced without adding drivers. With a few clicks, an operator can generate pick lists that show exactly the items each machine needs during restocking. This allows drivers to walk to each machine once per visit, while handling the minimum amount of product, saving significant time. Plus, with a centralized view of inventory, machines that don’t require restocking can be eliminated from routes entirely.

Profitability Reporting

All sales are tracked in VN Cloud, which offers numerous reporting options including profit analysis. With a few clicks, an operator can see clearly which items drive profitability and how that varies across machines and time. This allows an operator to fine-tune their assortment as needed to optimize profits.

Revenue Loss Alerting

A host of machine attributes can be monitored, including real-time sales data. Email or text alerts are generated whenever a problem is impeding sales. These alerts greatly reduce lost revenue due to machine downtime. Plus, operators are now able to catch problems before a site notices, reducing the risk of losing the account.

Pay on Account

Many operators have the opportunity to place machines in environments such as schools, colleges, hospitals or places of employment, where customers have pre-existing accounts.  Students have lunch program accounts or student IDs.  Employees have badges.


In many of these environments, consumption of healthy items is subsidized by the school or employer.  Operators who can accept payment using these badges/accounts are able to tap into this huge, subsidized demand.  But many have no idea how to do it.


VendNovation makes it easy.  Our team of technology experts have already integrated with numerous external account and POS systems.  We’ll work with the site’s technology personnel to have you accepting account payments in no time.


Attractive, powerful machines for premium products and locations.

Meal, snack and beverage vending machines that can charge sales to student accounts.

24x7 sale of healthy food and drinks, supplements, and workout gear, with cashless billing to member accounts.

Self-serve patient access to cigarettes, calling cards, snacks and sundries with consumption limits and reporting.

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