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Our flagship vending machine controller (VMC) works with all USI/Wittern and Seaga vending machines, providing full machine control and connectivity to VN CloudAsk for VN Cloud when ordering these machines to have our controller pre-installed.

Relay Port

Control refrigeration units, microwaves and more with support for up to four relays.

Drop Sensor Port

Support for both digital optical sensors and analog vibration sensors to ensure product delivery.

Door Sensor Port

Support for two door sensors, enabling a secondary slave machine.

Motor Ports

Control up to 256 motors, with support for a variety of 2-wire and 3-wire motor types.

Credit Card Reader Port

Display Port

Dedicated serial port for credit card readers.

Support for 2x20 text display.

Power Output

5V DC output for 10” touch screen or 7” industrial PC.

Power Input

24VAC 3A / Onboard power conditioner reduces risk of damage from power spikes.

Temperature Sensor Port

Support for up to four temperature sensors, enabling dual zone and secondary slave machines.

Keypad Connector


Support for 3 x 4  12-key keypad.

Cached sales data is maintained in the event of a power failure.

Serial Ports

Used to connect credit card readers, RFID readers, biometric scanners, DEX devices, locker controllers, and industrial PCs.


Used to connect cash acceptors, coin mechanisms, EMV readers and other MDB-compatible devices.

Expansion Port

Allows support for custom devices such as microwave ovens.

Ethernet Port

100MB Ethernet for connecting to the Internet and VN Cloud.


Input Power

24V AC 3A

Max. Operating Temperature

100 F / 38 C


202mm x 127mm x 34mm (at thickest point)


Have a custom control need?

Our VN Controller is flexible enough to control a variety of devices in need of cloud-based transaction reporting and remote management. We’ve already successfully deployed it in devices as varied as water dispensers and retail ice freezers. Contact us today to see how we can bring VN Cloud to your device.


See how VN Controller and VN Cloud are being used today in a variety of industries and applications.

Control employee access to industrial,  IT, and medical supplies.

Consumer sales of food, toys, beauty products and more.

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