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VN Cloud

Unique Cloud-Based Vending Management Solutions

Vendnovation’s Innovative cloud management solution integrated with traditional dispensing equipment has proven to be a winning combination.   Many different industries have benefited by reducing shrink, inventory carrying costs, and administrative costs by providing access, maintaining control, and providing real-time reporting, thus adding dollars to your bottom line and increasing sales.

The integrated vending approach enables user authentication and recording of all items taken from the equipment by who, when, and where. All transactions are logged and reports can be set to run automatically as scheduled to the appropriate people.  These reports then allow for more accurate accounting by the company as they allocate those expenses to the appropriate departments and/or specific jobs.

Vendnovation’s team of hardware and software developers have over 100 years of combined dispensing know-how.  We take what we have learned to continually improve our solution to grow our value proposition to our customers.


Learn how your company could benefit from our industry know-how.

Software Gallery

A small sample of our robust management software. Click an image to enlarge.

VN Cloud

At the heart of Vendnovation’s cloud vending solution is VN Cloud. It is an enterprise-grade vending management software solution that enables centralized control over vending deployments of all sizes. It is scalable and customizable, for use with deployments of any size, and can be accessed via your preferred web browser. It can also be used to control and track employee access to any of your PPE/MRO supplies,  IT peripherals, medical supplies, and much much more. At any given moment, you can have instant access to all vital information regarding each and every one of your vending machines, whether you have deployed them in one place or in locations across the country. The key features of this market-leading solution include:


  • Access control: You can control who accesses your vending machines and how. Employees can be authorized to access a machine by using their company badge or through biometric identification. You can also set product restrictions on each employee or department, based on a certain time frame or dollar amount.

  • Automatic reports drawing from detailed and current data analysis across your business.

  • Real-time, enterprise-wide inventory management. You can drive your business with automated pick lists, driver routes, replenishment reports and up-to-the-minute inventory tracking.

  • Machine monitoring and alerts: Check the health and status of any of your machines and resolve any operational or inventory issues as they arise.

  • Systems integration: VN Cloud integrates seamlessly with other web-based solutions, such as APIs, RESTful or SOAP.

  • Third-party integration: VN Cloud can easily interact with third-party point of sale systems, HR departments, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. 

  • Real-time transaction data and reporting: Access information on machine health and inventory levels, as well as employee-specific or department-specific dispensing data. 

  • Customized alert routing: Set alerts per user for the organization, account, site, or machine. You can choose what types of alerts are most relevant for your business: restock, critical level, system down, inventory overdraft, or specific item alerts.

Tool Platform

For 20 years, the Vendnovation Tool Platform has been an industry standard for dispensing PPE items in manufacturing facilities around the world. It enables employees to access protection equipment from purpose-built vending machines. Workers access their equipment by scanning their employee badges. When they do so, the system validates their identity, department, cost center assignment, project, and job number. Their selected items are then dispensed to them, and the system records the transaction instantly so that job costs and inventory levels can be updated in real-time.

Vendnovation IQ640 with product front (1).png

EMS Cloud Vending

The EMS Cloud Inventory Control and Management Solution is primarily used by healthcare providers to manage medical supplies.  It allows users to track the full chain of custody to ensure strict adherence to FDA and DEA guidelines. It adds an extra layer of security offering both Two-Form Factor Identification and Dual Validation, which ensures that each transaction is witnessed and authenticated. It even empowers users to track and monitor the expiry dates of the items in their inventory and also record further allocation code information such as a Unit Number, EPCR or Incident number.   If you want to reduce the amount of data entry that your crew members are required to do, this is the solution for your agency to streamline operations.

Vendor Platform

Our Vendor Platform is a vending system that enables users to sell anything from soda and snacks to personal protection equipment. You can set up any payment method that suits you or even integrate the platform with your existing POS system, if applicable. You can optimize your inventory management and replenishment functions, ensuring that all of your machines are always stocked and ready to meet customer demand. You can use the platform with a Vendnovation cloud vending machine for sale, or integrate it with your existing machines.

Sphira Content Management

If you choose to use our Kiosks or TouchScreen machines, content management will form an important part of your marketing and information strategies. You will need to manage and change content as necessary, uploading new product images and descriptions. The Sphira Content Management system is a web-based platform that enables you to control all of the onscreen content on your digital vending machines. Edit your written content, upload new pictures, even include banner ads if that is part of your business model. The software works with our Vendor and Tool platforms.

Custom Cloud Vending Solutions

If your business doesn’t fit neatly into a particular niche, Vendnovation can create a custom-built solution to enable you to manage your vending machines in the cloud. Our software-driven solutions are highly adaptable and can easily be integrated with your current systems to build custom vending machines that are unique to your business. Once you start using our solution, we can always make adjustments and updates as your business grows and adapts to meet the shifting needs of your market. 


Vendnovation can supply or create a cloud vending machine solution to improve efficiency, control, and profitability, whatever industry you are in, whatever goods you dispense through your vending machines. Based in Redmond, WA, we serve clients around the world. For over 20 years, we have sold, implemented, and maintained thousands of integrated vending solutions across 27 countries, and serve a wide variety of clients, including Fortune 500 companies. We have become recognized as one of the leading providers of vending solutions globally. 


The markets we serve include medical supply management, IT Self Help Desk, industrial PPE/MRO, Harm Reduction, linen and scrubs, and BioTech. Some of our clients include the US Department of Justice, the Mayo Clinic, Amazon, Medline, eBay, UCLA, Invitae, Cleveland Clinics, DC Fire, and Kaiser Permanente. Contact us if you would like to manage your vending machines from the cloud, or set up a new, cloud vending machine system from scratch.

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