Vending Management Software for Operators of Any Size

VN Cloud is at the heart of what we do. From any web browser, vending operators have complete visibility into their business. Sales, inventory, machine status, access control rules, driver routes and much, much more are all at your fingertips—from anywhere in the world.


Keep reading to see just some of the things VN Cloud can do.

Access Control

VN Cloud is suited to a variety of industries and applications, many of which require detailed control over who can receive a vended item, how much they can receive, and when they can receive it. VN Cloud addresses these needs with on-machine user authentication and configurable access control rules.

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VN Cloud contains an industry-leading reporting engine that supports almost any data analysis need. Any report can be automated, putting just the right data in your inbox whenever you need it. Plus, data export features allow quick, easy manipulation of report data with third party tools.

Inventory Management

Real-time, enterprise-wide inventory data is a reality with VN Cloud.  And that data will drive your business with automatically generated pick lists, driver routes, and replenishment reports. Plus, industry-specific features such as tracking item expiration dates means even more capability in certain markets.


Content Management

Touch screen vending applications enjoy a robust system to upload, manage, and schedule on-screen content. Product images and data are just the start.  Pre-scheduled marketing campaigns such as holiday sales and coupons, bundles of items, and upselling rules can all be controlled.


Machine Monitoring & Alerts

VN Cloud displays the health information of many machines at a glance, with machine statuses updated every few minutes.  A system of configurable alerts allows email or text message notifications for over thirty machine conditions ranging from low change levels to abnormal interior temperature.  Alerts can automatically escalate to new recipients if not resolved.


Third-Party Integration

POS Integration

For applications where vending sales must be recorded by an existing POS system, VN Cloud can hand live transaction data to any third-party software, which can then approve or decline the sale.

HR Data Integration

When access control rules and tracking of dispensed items are tied to particular personnel, on-machine user authentication is essential. VN Cloud can manage users itself, but can also query external web APIs to authenticate users. This allows enterprises to centrally maintain HR data in one system.

ERP Integration

For large enterprises, VN Cloud fits seamlessly into an organization’s ERP system. All vending transactions, plus snapshots of inventory levels, are automatically batch transferred to the ERP system, so vending solutions are visible in larger enterprise workflows. 


VN Cloud plays nice with others, with over a dozen integrations already complete.

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